'Alphorn Odyssey' is a 5 minute documentary short filmed in it's entirety by Andrew Bridge in HD on a compact camera over 3 days in July 2010. 

After his film crew was cancelled last minute, he flew solo to Switzerland with no experience of playing to bravely enter the festival and document his exploits in the International Alphine Horn Competition.


The International Alphorn Horn Festival of Nendaz will be held on the 22nd to 24th of July 2011. Visit the website for more information on the festival: http://www.nendazcordesalpes.ch/en

For more information on the events taking place view the PDF of the Festival here.

Andrew Bridge is a freelance writer and performer from Brighton UK. He recently starred in the BBC Radio 2 Comedy 'The Chesney Bentings Mysteries' and is currently studying a Diploma in Acting.

 For more details on Alphorn Odyssey contact: andy@satellitesounds.net