"Alphorn Odyssey is a beautiful short doc set amid some of the most spectacular mountains on the planet, and is a funny and quirky tribute to the ancient musical traditions of the Alps." - Simon Reeve, BBC2 Travel Presenter, ‘Tropic of Cancer’, ‘Equator’, ‘Tropic of Capricorn’.

Set against the dramatic back drop of the Southern Alps in Nendaz, Switzerland, 'Alphorn Odyssey' shows a lone Englishman's bold crusade to conquer the Alphorn and pit himself against local professionals in an audacious bid for glory.

With only 24 hours to master the Alphorn before presenting to the jury of experts and a international audience, will he succeed?

'Alphorn Odyssey' highlights the wide variety of traditions home ot the Southern Alps, including the spectacular "Morceaux d'ensemble" meaning over 300 Alphornists playing in unison on a mountain top.